Greetings, esteemed visitors!

So, you've found me. And I thought I was hiding very well too. It was only a matter of time really. Now you're here, you must stay a while; make yourself a drink of delicious slug punch and find out a bit more about me, my penchant for pork cylinders and all the friends you'll make in the big wide world of BeWILDerwood.

If you can't get to Norfolk to meet Mildred, Swampy or the Thornyclod in person, you can always take the alternative entrance to BeWILDerwood. It's located somewhere between your occipital cortex and hippocampus – but I'm not quite sure exactly. I never did manage to work it out. One of my books might help though. There are four in total (aswell as the glisteningly new audio book of course), and you can buy them all here! I sometimes scribble notes and thoughts in them too – I hope you don't mind.

So, cheerio; enjoy the show. Sorry, I mean website.